Welcome to the blog for Southern Star Mini Aussies, now also known as Miniature American Shepherds, affectionally called "Wiggle Butts". This is a wonderful breed that is very intelligent, loyal and can be somewhat active and may be reserved with strangers. Many excel in performance events such as herding, agility, disc dog, flyball, dock diving, rally, conformation, and enjoy most being your best buddy. Mini Aussies range in size from 14"-18" top of shoulder and 20-40lbs. The smaller versions are referred to as Toy Aussies. These fur-kids are very much like potato chips and you can't have just one. If you would like to be owned by an Aussie, we would love to talk to you.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blitz x Reba puppy (CINCO) now known as Ginger:   UPDATE from Family
Just thought I'd pass this picture along of Ginger (registered as "Southern Star Ginger Belle")She is such a beautiful dog, and is quite the head turner: all the staff at our vet's office finds an excuse to come in to see her when she is there for an appointment. 

Ginger turned 14 weeks old this past Wednesday, and has doubled in size since we got her from 6 pounds to 12 pounds.  She is loving, energetic, athletic, fearless, and intelligent, and always entertaining: she likes to hoard things--5 pound bags of potatoes, all the spice bottles from the spice rack, shoes, dish towels, newspapers--whatever she can find or steal and stack in the corner.  She torments our 90 pound lab by biting his tail, ears, and everything else, but he takes it in stride and they are becoming good friends. 

Hope all is well-

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's been a few days since our last update.  Vet said he was healthy and she fell in love with the little guy. Aksel was 8.1 pounds at the vet last week. I can already tell he's a little bit bigger than last weeks vet visit too. 

He is SUPER smart. He already walks the leash very well and is almost completely housebroken - no accidents in a few days.  We also have a sensored dog door and he learned that her can go in and out as he pleases in one night. In addition he already sits, lays, and shakes.  Not sure what to teach him next - probably come and stay are the next two as they are most practical :). He loves learning time.

Here is a picture of him playing tug of war with my roommates dog!  Thank you again for all the information, the help, and my amazing new friend!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hi Leslie!  Just a quick note to tell you we couldn't be more thrilled with Sydney.  She is literally perfect in every way!!  She is fearless, social, loving, smart and beautiful!  We started puppy classes and she goes to daycare three days a week.  The teacher of her class is a nationally known trainer and used to work in the show rings and she compliments you so highly!  Sydney is the smartest dog in any of her classes and she says it is because you raise your puppies so well.